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Parents & Friends (P&F) Association

SBG Page Thumbnails 49 parentsOur Parents & Friends (P&F) Association is a parent representative body for St Brigid's Gwynneville, which contributes to and supports the school in many ways. P&F members work closely with the principal and staff to advance and promote the best interests of the school, encouraging parent and community participation in school life.

P&F Association meetings are held once a term and provide an opportunity for you, as a parent, to have a say on decisions that affect your child at school. All parents and carers are very welcome and encouraged to attend and contribute.

The P&F co-ordinates numerous fundraising events throughout the year and assists with school functions such as Catholic Schools Week and Grandparents Day. The P&F has a number of sub-committees which take responsibility for organising major events such as our fete. Details for all your current P&F representatives are listed below.

Our P&F Executive and representatives are as follows:
President David Macdonald
Vice President Anthony Petre
Treasurer Sonia Spaseski
Secretary Caterina Hides (Acting)

To contact our P&F Executive, please email


Please note, payments related to P&F events or fundraising are preferred to be via the Qkr! App online ordering system. Find out more about Qrk! here.