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What We Offer

At St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School, Gwynneville, we foster a love of learning and the seeking of wisdom through a quality, contemporary education that encourages our students to use the ‘good gifts’ given to them, equipping them to take their place in the world.

Our students feel supported – academically as well as spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically. We provide an engaging faith and contemporary learning environment, where we are committed to excellence and growth and every student's individuality and uniqueness are recognised and valued.

Our personalised teaching and learning is designed to meet each individual student's needs, and we encourage active student participation in learning by using 21st century skills and competencies. We have excellent buildings and facilities, and beautiful outdoor learning spaces and areas that provide students with wide choice of options for their learning and play.

Living Our Catholic Faith

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Inspired by our Catholic values and the Benedictine tradition, St Brigid's is committed to developing leaders of faith, justice and learning.

We provide a positive environment to support our students in seeking God within a community of prayer, service and hospitality faithful to the mission of Jesus.

We encourage our students to listen with the ear of the heart to work for the common good and respond to our neighbour and all of creation with energy, loving generosity and right relationships.

Engaging in Contemporary Learning

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Underlying our school’s commitment to authentic learning is our emphasis on developing the skills and competencies of critical and creative thinking, collaboration and communication. Students set learning goals, deconstruct learning intentions, co-construct success criteria, engage in higher order thinking tasks and choice-based learning. They use technology, our flexible learning spaces and teacher expertise to enhance their learning opportunities.

Flexible Learning Spaces

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The school has many wonderful facilities including contemporary indoor and outdoor learning spaces and play spaces. The learning environments have been renovated in line with current understanding of the wide range of student learning styles. All of our classrooms and library have spaces for students to work, including:

  • standing up at high benches
  • collaboratively at round tables
  • with the teacher on the guided spaces
  • on the floor using lap tables and low tables with cushions
  • independently at height adjustable tables
  • sitting on ottomans, chill out chairs, booths, stools or beanbags
  • using their 1:1 iPad and a suite of apps to effectively transform learning 

Experienced, Committed Staff

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Our highly experienced, proficient and dedicated teachers and support staff work to provide effective learning experiences for every student in their care.

At St Brigid's, we recognise that each child is unique and learns in a variety of ways, and at different rates – therefore, our staff have a student-centred approach to teaching and learning that empowers students to take control of their learning to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Excellent Range of Co-Curricular Opportunities

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We offer a wide variety of opportunities and enrichment for students, including in Mathematics, STEM, Sport, Visual Arts, Music, writing and the environment.

All students are encouraged to participate in some of the co-curricular programs available at our school. These programs develop students’ confidence, talents and sense of responsibility.

Strong School Community Partnerships

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At St Brigid's, we foster positive and respectful relationships with our students, families, parish and the wider community. As the primary educators of their children, we encourage a high level of parent engagement in our students' educational experience and welcome parents' participation and involvement in school initiatives.

Our P&F Association also does great work in partnership with our school, benefiting our students and school community.

Out of Hours School Care

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Our school offers quality on-site before and after school care services, operated by CatholicCare. 

Their dedicated team of education professionals are university trained early childhood teachers or TAFE trained Diploma educators who support and respect the uniqueness and individuality of children and their families.

Ready to Enrol?

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