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Diverse Learning Needs

At St Brigid's, we aim to cater for all students’ strengths and interests, and bring out the best in each individual. This is done in many areas and with a variety of learning experiences.


From time to time, students present with diverse needs and the teacher provides comprehensive support within the classroom, and where needed may seek further support from the school, Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong and outside agencies.

Adjustments may be made to learning and teaching experiences for students to better access the curriculum at their level. Recommendations may be made by the School Review Committee to seek professional assessment for a particular child. It may be suggested that the child be referred to a psychologist attached to the Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong for psychometric testing.

Other suggestions may include the referral of a student to a Paediatrician, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Audiologist, Optometrist, Psychologist or Counsellor. As a result of this testing additional funding may be made available to support the needs of the child. This special education funding is to support teachers in catering for the needs of the student.

All funded students have an Individual Plan (IP) developed collaboratively with parents and regular meetings are held with parents to discuss progress and concerns.



At St Brigid's, we aim to empower students to be leaders in areas that they have a skill, passion or interest in. Individual enrichment activities are provided dependent on the area of giftedness – physical, intellectual, social or creative. 

Gifted Education is a shared responsibility between the school, home and parish. The school follows Gagné’s model and he defines giftedness as the possession of natural abilities at levels significantly beyond what might be expected for one’s age; that is, giftedness is outstanding potential that may or may not yet be evident in outstanding performance. Gagné defines talent as the achievement or performance of one or more systematically developed skills at a level significantly beyond what might be expected for one’s age.

Teachers may devise specific Individual Plans for students who have been formally assessed as Gifted. This may include:

  • Differentiation within the classroom
  • Opportunities for growth outside the classroom
  • A variety of grouping strategies
  • Acceleration by subject or grade
  • Modified reporting procedures


For more information, view our CEDoW Diverse Learning Needs Policy