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School Song, Prayer and Acknowledgement of Country


We glorify God in all that we do
Growing stronger each day we are here
At St Brigid’s we see God’s gifts shared so free
With all as we live, learn and love.

1. With courage we strive to bring justice and truth
God’s spirit alive in our school
Where everyone’s welcome and everyone knows
That we live, learn and love everyday. YES!

2. Moved by God’s grace to show others we care
We reach out in friendship and hope
With compassion our hearts can bring change to the world
As we live, learn and love everyday. NOW!

3. All of God’s gifts find a home in our school
With generous love we all serve
Like Jesus our hearts and our arms open wide
As we live, learn and love everyday. SO!

4. Good stewards we care for our common home
Inspired by our faith and our call
Taking care of creation and all of God’s world
As live, learn and love everyday. LET’S ALL…


Let us remember...
From Geera to Gwynneville, and far beyond – Dharawal country.
We honour those who first walked this land.
We honour the ancient spirits – in the earth, the trees, the birds, the rocks, the animals, the water.
We honour those who now care for this land.
Let us share the sunrise. Let us share the beauty.  
Let us share the sunset. Let us share the dream...  
May we always walk gently upon this land, hand in hand.
Let us remember with awe and wonder, the creative spirit of our God – always.



God of all creation, may you walk with us each day, in all that we think, say and do.
Jesus, help us to act with compassion, courage, service and stewardship.
Holy Spirit, live within us and guide us to be leaders of faith, justice and learning.
With a faithful heart, may we always walk gently upon your land.

St Brigid…. Pray for us.
St Mary of the Cross MacKillop…. Pray for us.
Our Lady help of Christians.… Pray for us.
Light of Christ…. Guide us.